Melendy Britt
20/12/2004 00:10
1 min

Tinka"s Boy gekwetst

We have had some great news - such as the win of Wim Schroeder (fresh from his win in Maastricht)in the GP Telefonica, totalling 200.000 euros - as well as bad news.. Markus Fuchs was in first place after the first round in the Gran Premio, last night with his exceptional horse Tinka"s Boy. Just four obstacles into the jump off, Tinka"s Boy took a bad corner and suffered an injury to his right front leg. Fuchs dismounted immediately, and walked slowly out of the ring with his horse evidently lame, favouring the injured leg. It was a huge disappointment to the crowd of 1.500 gathered, who all regard this horse as one of the sport"s greatest.

Despite this disappointment, Fuchs recovered with confidence, having just won (seconds ago) the afternoon"s second class, the Trofeo Caixa Galicia riding "Royal Chamber". It may have been of some consolement to know his "Tinka"s Boy" will be back competing in a few months, having received back the xrays of the injured leg which show a fracture which will heal soon.

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